Mobile Panoramic X-Ray

Small animal specific panoramic dental image processing technology

We at Family Pet Hospital are excited to announce that we and our sister clinic Airport Pet Clinic are the first two clinics in the entire nation that have a brand new mobile panoramic x-ray system at our disposal! This technology does not exist anywhere else in the veterinary industry right now, so we are proud to be able to offer this state-of-the-art technology to our clients and patients!

Veterinary specialized panoramic scanning technology and a smart acquisition software provide superior full mouth diagnostic images in a short time. Animal size selection switch and a positioning laser light guides practitioners right position the patient easy and quickly. The ergonomic table design delivers comfort workflow to practitioners by easy positioning with less preparation. Unlike other medical system, a practitioner can use it instantly without any special installation.

  • Standard x-rays take around 15-20 minutes for a full-mouth radiograph
  • The MyVet Pano system will do the same work in 15-20 seconds – no waiting around for test results!
  • Veterinary specialized full mouth scanning
  • Smart scanning software preset for different jaw sizes
  • Easy and quick positioning with less preparation
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[Captions not needed: The only sound in this video is X-Ray system beeping.]