Appointment Policies

A veterinarian/client relationship is built on mutual trust and respect. As such we ask you to give us the courtesy of a call/email when you are unable to keep your appointment. Because of COVID, appointments have been in high demand. Missing an appointment means you took another client and patient’s slot that could have been seen. Our policies are outlined below:

A missed/canceled appointment is when you fail to show up for an appointment without an email or phone call or cancel without at least a 24-hour notice.

Please fill out the form below to acknowledge our appointment policies prior to your appointment or your appointment may be canceled.

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New Clients

To secure your appointment slot, new clients are required to make a nonrefundable deposit of $65.12 by the close of business the day prior to the appointment. This is because appointment slots are in such high demand and the risk of no-shows by new clients.

How to Cancel an Appointment

In order to be respectful of the medical needs of other patients please be courteous and call our office promptly if you are unable to show up for an appointment. You can call us at 209-956-1480 or email us.

Missed/Cancellation Fee

A fee of $35 will be assessed on your client account if you fail to show up for an appointment without an email or phone call or cancel without at least a 24 hour notice.

Surgical Appointment No Show Policy

A $50 charge will be charged for any missed/cancelled surgical appointment without at least a 24 hour notice. This applies for dental procedures as well.

Specialist No Show Policy

For contract specialists (surgeons, cardiologists, internists) for special procedures, the deposit is non-refundable if you no-show or cancel your appointment. Specialists, especially mobile boarded surgeons, are in high demand and will still charge the hospital if you miss your appointment.

Balance on Accounts

Clients with cancellation fees will be asked to pay off these fees before they are allowed to make an appointment in the future. You can pay by visiting our Online Bill Pay page. No medical records will be sent to clients that owe a balance. This is because, pursuant to applicable state laws, a hospital is allowed to charge an administrative fee for medical records.