Puppy Package

Designed for the first visit of healthy puppies between 6 weeks to under 1 year of age.


  • First Physical Exam + Consult
  • 4 x DA2PP (Distemper, Adenovirus, Parvovirus, Parainfluenza) Vaccine
  • 2 x Leptospirosis Vaccine
  • 2 x Bordetella Vaccine
  • 2 x Canine Influenza Bivalent Vaccine
  • Rabies Vaccine
  • Fecal – Idexx Fecal Antigen Test (stool sample submitted to reference lab to check for giardia and worms)
  • 1 month of oral flea + tick preventive
  • 1 month of oral heartworm + intestinal parasite preventive

*Vaccinations are done a strict schedule; every 3 weeks. It is your responsibility to be aware of, and ensure that your pet arrives in the hospital at the appropriate time. Missing the scheduled due date may result in having to repeat vaccination (repeat vaccination charges are not covered by this package and are the responsibility of the owner)

Package Price = $235 (25% discount)

Compared to Regular cost of Aforementioned Services ($310 )

Notes/Terms of Service:  The package is only available to clients in good standing with the hospital. Rescue organizations and clients that are already on a discount plan are not eligible for the package. We reserve the right to deny registration of the package to any client at any time for any reason. The package cost must be paid in full before services are rendered. CareCredit may not be used to pay for this package.  All services mentioned above must be completed within the 1 year time period or when the dog is 1 year of age (whichever occurs sooner). No vaccinations will be performed if it is considered medically unsound; i.e., core vaccinations will not be given to a sick patient. Vaccinations are done on a strict schedule (every 3 weeks); certain vaccinations have certain age requirements. There will be no pro-rating of the package if the patient does not come in for vaccinations at the proper time. The package is designed for one specific client and patient at this hospital and is non-transferable; if ownership of the pet is transferred to a different client, or if the pet moves, runs away, or dies; the package becomes null and void. There are no refunds on this package.