COVID-19 Updates


These protocols are for the protection of not only you but our staff as well.

When you arrive, please call the office, and you will be told when you can approach the tent.

  • Only 1 client will be helped at a time at the tent, and only when pre-approved over the phone.
  • In certain situations we will allow 1 client inside the hospital (explaining radiographs or euthanasias) on a case by case basis total.
  • You must wear a mask at all times and not have been exposed to COVID or have anyone in your household be exposed to COVID.
  • Failure to follow instructions will result in you being treated completely curbside.
  • All tech appointments will be completely curbside.
  • Expect longer wait times as we transition back to curbside.

This is because of the rise in COVID cases that has necessitated the governors of several states including California to mandate a curfew. We will get through this, but everyone needs to adhere to protocol.

Please note:

  • No public bathrooms; no exceptions.
  • Hospital staff will utilize PPE (personal protective equipment) such as gloves and masks in rooms.
  • Exam doors will be closed at all times.
  • Curbside appointments will be treated as we have for the past several months; instructions are done over the phone; we ask that you have your phones fully charged and/or a charger in your car.
  • Please be available; i.e., don’t start a 30 minute phone call when our staff are trying to reach you to discuss exam/lab results.